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Akkoy Lagoon

Akkoy Lagoon

Akkoy Lagünü or Lagoon of Akkoy is the name given to Akkoy Dalyan. Meanwhile Dalyan in Turkish mean fish trap.
Akkoy Lagoon is created with alluvial deposits carried by river meander for centuries...
Today Akkoy Dalyan is home for many different species of Birds. Flamingos, cormorants nest and migrate during their season. Inside the village of Akkoy we have peregrine falcons. Peregrine in Turkish "kerkenez".
Akkoy lagoon on the way to Milet (neighboring village Balat). Instead of normal Balat road if you follow old road with no asphalt will take you to lagoon...
Its a nice walking path for 7 kilometers approx.There are Sheppard with their dogs and fishermen working at the fish traps. It is not advised to stay late. With the sunset all mosquitoes will cover the air.

Kerkenez or Little Peregrine Falcons

Peregrines of Akkoy

Peregrine Falcons are locals of the old houses in Akkoy. End of April to mid of June peregrine falcons can be seen in the Akkoy skies.
They are under protection because of their endangered position in wild life. Many bird-watchers from all over the Europe visit Akkoy especially to watch Peregrines, Falcons and other birds. Peregrine Falcons has different species. Falconius naumani is one of them. Peregrine in Turkish is "Kerkenez"


Welcome Cafe Olive in Akkoy - Didim

Fishermen of Akkoy mending nets
Akkoy Fishermen mending their nets


The small village of Akkoy is on the crossroad and geographically located in the middle of the natural park and in the centre of the three most important ancient Ionian sides, 3 miles (5 km) near by the ancient Ionian capital of Milet, which had 80 colonies and where already Antonius and others have been tourists.Priene, the only preserved ancient Ionian city, constructed after the plan of Hippodamus and the Temple of Didyma connected to the ancient capital of Milet by a road, which had become from time to time more important than the Oracle of Delphi.

on the crossroads

Many visitors coming to this area of Aegean, staying in Kusadasi, Bodrum, Bafa Lake, Didim Altinkum are intended to connect their holidays by enjoying the wonderful bays and beaches of the Aegean coast with visiting ancient cultural heritages like the ancient ionian capital of Milet, mostly known by the mathematician and philosopher Thales of Milet, Priene and the Temple of Didyma.

Didim Map, Altinkum, Soke, Akbuk


A. Personally suggested route for visitors, who may travel by rental car, bus, professionell bicycle from Kusadasi: Prien-Milet-via Akkoy-Didyma For visiting more of those places in one day time by rental cars prefer Start from Kusadasi Dilek Peninsula national park where Zeus cave is. Then you may carry on to Soke to Prien (Prien, Priene are the same places!) located on south side of MYCALE (Samson in Turkish for some maps) mountains. After Priene you may carry directly on the land road on to Milet and via Akkoy to Didyma. Didyma is the place, where the Apollo temple is located today. Didim or in old maps Yenihisar is the city centre of the whole touristic area, including the places Altinkum, Yenihisar and of course the ancient temple of Didyma in old maps. If you are travelling by local transport bus or coaches, in intention of visiting Didyma, you should tell to the driver by also mentioning Apollo temple. [Turkish: Apollo tapinak] Otherwise you may leave the coach at the city centre of Didim, 1 kilometre of walk back to the temple of Apollo
Public transport: From Kusadasi direction: There are regular transport to Soke from Kusadasi (Kusadasi Birlik), if you like to visit Prien first you better take Güllübahçe midibus from Soke which has description in front panel of their coaches - Güllübahçe Belediyesi -. Their last stop is Priene in front of Selale restaurant remarkable with a waterfall infront of a pool full of traut fish.
After visiting Prien you can take "Balat Birlik" minibusses to Milet, normally they run in every hour to Milet or you can go back to Soke and take "Didim Seyahat" bus instead.
If You go back and take Didim Sehayat You should leave the coach at Akkoy where Café Olive is located at the crossroad to Milet. From Akkoy to Milet is aproximately 3 kilometres of walk or you may take the "Balat Birlik" minibusses running in every one hour between Altinkum - Balat.

Dilek Peninsula - Akkoy Lagoon National ParkTo carry on by visiting Didyma with its Apollo temple in Didim town you should take Didim Seyahat coaches from Akkoy 10 kilometres of journey.

B. Personally suggested route for visitors, who may travel by rental car, bus, professionall bycycle from Bodrum: via Akbük-Didyma- via Akkoy-Milet-Prien

Travelling from Bodrum takes aprox.50 min. drive by car, leaving on the right the wonderful sides of the Lake Bafa and the mountains of ancient Latmos Herakleia covered with olive trees and camping sites hidden between the olive trees.
People on both side of the main road selling their goods, local products. Honey shouldn't be missed.
After passing lake side you will approach three way for AKBUK on the left of the BODRUM - MiLAS Highway. If you like to start visiting by Temple of Apollo at Didyma, you rather take this road instead. This is also the road where coaches of tour companies are using for their air-port transfers between Altinkum - Bodrum airport. After visit of Temple of Apollo at Didyma, You can carry on to Akkoy in direction to Soke.
You will passing Tasburun with a small jetty of local fishermen (Tasburun). Greek Islands can be seen on the left side. There are restaurants providing open buffet lunch for tour groups taking Milet - Priene - Didyma daily tour from Bodrum, Kusadasi or other places by the sea-side.
Theatre tunnels in MiletAfter Tasburun You reach the village of Akkoy where you can visit our Café Olive and get more information about the area and carry on to Milet and Priene then to Kusadasi, Selçuk, Izmir..

On the photo above shows 3-way crossroad if you are travelling from Didim to Soke direction.

Both roads are asphalt and will take you to Soke.The road pointed with bigger arrow sign on the photo is approximately 7 kilometres longer and a little bit narrower. If you follow this road you should pay attention on traffic while approaching to crossroad. Because most drivers prefer the usual route which is shown with a little arrow sign turning to right connects Bodrum - Milas Highroad shorter just after akyenikoy town below Akkoy hill.
If you follow bigger arrow direction: asphalt road will take you to Balat village on the right hand side neighbouring ancient city Miletos. Miletos ancient town has two pass-way, entrance and exit you can by your veichle (car, scooter, etc.). Then you can follow up to Güllübahçe town famous with its Priene ancient town