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History of Akkoy - Didim

old streets of Akkoy
Old Streets of AKKOY


Before 1922 there were about 4000 Greek inhabiting in this village.
These Greeks were the people brought from Peloponnesus and Crete region of Greece in 1770 during the rein of 26 th Sultan of Ottoman's, Mustafa the 3 rd and his deputy Ivazzade Halil Pasha or Silahtar Mehmet Pasha the 9th in order to compensate the decreasing the population due to the disasters like earthquake, malaria, cholera, and to make the lands plantable.

These people were experienced in farming and especially tobacco planting, roughly 50-60 years after they came with emancipation of Greece in 1821 most of these people went back to Greece, maybe to the Peloponnesus region or Crete Island, the ones who didn't leave Akkoy lived in this village for another 150- 155 years and eventually on the 5th of September by the Greek Navy boats waited at Didim - Altinkum shores during the dusk they left Turkey by fleeing to nearby Greek islands or to Samos island. Greeks, settled in Akkoy after brought from Greece in l870, thanks to the help of German archaeologists came for excavations in Miletus ancient site constructed a primary school and a church called Aiyos Georgia, on the 41 th page of Mikrasiana Pragmate written by Eystratiu Draku Greek author tells us about Akkoy in 1884, used to be an important place close to ancient city Miletus, lovely school with 40 pupils and a teacher, the church in Akkoy which 200 Christian families dwell, located on south-west of the village. 30 rich families of Muslims coming from Balat village have settled in Akkoy later on.

Fishermen of Akkoy are mending nets in coffee shops

Bird watching in Akkoy

Akkoy is also home for peregrines, kestrels, flamingo's, pelicans and other species of birds which are endangered of their generations. Peregrines and can be seen on old houses lining the streets of the village between May to end of June. And it is taking its place on the map of bird watchers from all over the world, flamingos and pelicans live at the lagoon of the Menderes River, just located on the south west coast of the village Akkoy

Old Greek Ottoman Houses:

Each stone placed side by side was like a letter in mysterious stone writings. Stone upon stone rose into the walls lining the narrow streets, but the walls still keep their secrets. Houses that are cool in summer and warm in winter and courtyards on many levels are concealed behind them. None of their windows ever come face-to-face with those of neighboring houses but to the best breeze supplying air circulation and the scenic view of streets which also covered with local white stone. This architecture woven of stone belongs to a culture with very ancient roots. While walking between the stone paved streets of Akkoy, used to be an extension of the city Miletos in 1800's as trade center beautifully decorated gardens with olive trees, scent of tobacco, old Greek Ottoman Houses-the nest of Peregrine Falcons today.

Cafe Olive is located in the Village of Akkoy where on the crossroads of Milet - Priene - Didyma have been important civilizations in the ancient history.

The Name "Olive" inspired from the immortal tree of Aegean and Mediterranean culture in Latin.