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Welcome to Cafe Olive in Akkoy - Didim

view from cafe olive

Cafe Olive is located in the Village of Akkoy where on the crossroads of Milet - Priene - Didyma have been important civilizations in the ancient history.
The Name "Olive" inspired from the immortal tree of Aegean and Mediterranean culture in Latin.

on the crossroads

Milet - Prien - Didyma known as crossroads of civilizations in ancient Ionian in the history. Cafe Olive is a new place located in the middle of those ancient cities in the Village of Akkoy can be described as a crossroads of where past and present meets. It is 5 kilometers to Miletos the hometown of Ionian Philosopher - Mathematics Thales, 17 kilometers to Prien also known with its terrace houses and the house of Alexander the Great, 10 kilometers to Didyma ancient cult center where Branchids served as famous fortune tellers in the history...

Ak + Koy

Akkoy is a village on the South-west of archaic Miletus city (the center of Ionian philosophy) in the western part of Asia. The name of it is derived from Turkish. As the walls of the houses are made of local white stone, it is called "Akkoy" ("Ak" white + "koy" village), Cafe Olive is located in Akkoy Village on the crossroads of those important historical centers where you can try home made goods, olive oil and visiting our art gallery on your way to Miletos.

ART - Paintings from Cafe Olive -

Mostly the diversity of colours, village life, the Aegean nature with its sunlight and landscapes and the Mediterranean Aegean view of life were the inspirations for those artworks.

With the admire for Paul CÚzanne, who lived in the Provence and catched the beauty of village life, those pictures are following the "CÚzannism", like in 1912, when CÚzanne created by the invention of his new style the era of "CÚzannism". A lot of painters, also known ones tried to copy his painting style. Also Picasso and George Braque were in their beginnings inspired by CÚzanne.

Looking carefully at the following pictures, those basically "Cézannism - reproductions" but also early Picasso inspired oil paintings are carrying a kind of individual touch.

If You are interested in seeing those pictures, we are happy to welcome You at the Café Olive Gallery in Akkoy, where all those pictures have been painted.