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A Hollywood Star In The Village Of Akkoy

Chiaki Kuriyama

Japanese actress of the film KILL-BILL Chiaki Kuriyama and her filming team were at Akkoy for a documentary...

Japanese national TV NHK's new documentary is about phylosophy around ancient times focused Aegean by starting from the City of ancient Greek Philosopher Thales of Miletus Akkoy

The documentary was recorded is more like a fantastic fiction than an ordinary documentary film. Under the directorship of famous Japanese Director Nao Sugawara the team started filming from Akkoy to following Miletus - Knidos ancient cite, Kayaköy at Fethiye and Bodrum for the last with its shipyards producing gulets


Akkoy panorama
Film crew worked hard
behind the scene
Behind the scene
meeting scene
first scene with Chiaki Kuriyama at the local coffee shop

During the documentary was being filmed our editor of DidimGuide.Com Mr. Erkin Ilguzer took part as second starring artist (It's me !). According to the scenario Chiaki who the girl is searching for the of the secret of the universe sent to the Akkoy village. Then she meets Erkin who is missioned by Temple of Delphoi of Athens to guide Chiaki during her journey around ancient Ionian land. Erkin Takes her to the city Miletus hometown of Thales and the film starts...(This scene not to be missed so the car was very very old sometimes we had to push the car and there were broken back gear of the car)

In the second day of the film carried out at Café Olive by feature with Mr. Erkin Ilguzer a Turkish poet born and living at the village Akkoy (and also editor of this web site) at the Café Olive Erkin gives a lot of information about daily issues of village life to Chiaki. Cameraman Mr.Itokazu Yoshira gives his best attention and sound technician Mr Kimura paying their best on their recordings in whole parts of this interesting fantastic documentary... Their Interpreter and best foreign guide that i have ever met Miss. Naoko Hosokowa never to be forgotten! Shop-keepers, tea man, fisherman of Akkoy took part at the whole documentary around were as good as Hollywood stars, i must send special thanks them all from here They have subtitles in Japan while i am speaking my native language Turkish with my own voice! so i realised that Japanese Tv. team from NHK pays attention on naturalness a lot.

At the forth day we were at Kayakoy Of Fethiye as well as known with itsOLUDENIZ, was also the final day before Chiaki carries on to Cos the Greek Island for the rest of the documentary.
And the last scene was at the Bodrum Harbour that i was waving hands shouting "hoscakal, kendine iyi bak, bizi unutma!" ("good bye, look after yourself, do not forget us!")
We are looking forward to see the film as soon as DVD will be sent to us as they have promised:) was a perfect production!


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