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Turkish wine and Olive Oil

Reproduction from Cezanne

The small village of Akkoy is on the crossroad and geographically located in the middle of the natural park and in the center of the three most important ancient Ionian sides, 3 miles (5 km) near by the ancient Ionian capital of Milet, which had 80 colonies and where already Antonius and others have been tourists. Prien, the only preserved ancient Ionian city, constructed after the plan of Hippodamus and the Temple of Didyma connected to the ancient capital of Milet by a road, which had become from time to time more important than the Oracle of Delphoi.

The most famous Turkish wine labels

which You can also find on foreign market are of course those of the great wineries like Doluca, Kavaklidere,Yakut and Pamukkale.

Since a few years those wineries succeeded a "new generation of Turkish Wine" with an excellent quality and amazing taste. The coupage of local grapes with French grapes are underlining the essential bouquet and creating a wonderful synthesis.

The coupage of Cabernet Sauvignon with Okuzgozu, or Cinsault with the local Aegean grape of red wine named Karasakiz, Grenache with Horozkarasi makes a real culinary east - west happening.

In this wonderful Aegean cost of Turkey a few new vintagers could establish their own small wine in recent years. Around the area of Cesme, Alacati or in the village of Sirince near the ancient city of Ephesus.

For whom intended to discover Turkish Wine and especially wines of the Meander valley of this region should enjoy also the selected small wineries like Cankaya, Alacati and the wines of the village Sirince named Artemis and others.

A must for winelovers is the tasting of Muscat wine, which is produced out of the local grape Bornova Muscat.

Wine from Akkoy

Wine From AkkoyWithout any chemical supply or sulfuration this wine has been produced by 3 or 4 local famillies in Akkoy out of the grapes Sultaniye and Osmanca. Traditionally the grapes were not getting pressed in press known from Europe for example; instead they were pressing the grapes in special classical grape-ships made out of wood.

Last year we have succeeded to produce our own Akkoy wine out of the typical Turkish grapes of Sultaniye and Osmanca of our domaine. After having them reserved for half a year they grown up to harmonical wines. You can choose between three different whites, one dessert, dry and with generous flavour, ressembling to a Portwine, one with pure fruit and crisp with a light bouquet and of course the traditional Akkoy Wine, which with his golden colour and its muscular taste seems to assume almost a cognac aroma.

With a volume with 14-16 percent we produced ecological harmonic wines. The class of the grapes didn't belong to the classe supérieure, for us it was important to follow the tradition of our village of Akkoy and producing wine out of the local grapes of our domaine and having finally an authentic wine.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Process factory in AkkoyOlive is immortal tree of Mediterranean climate. some of the olive trees older than 200 years of age in Didim region.
People of Didim Region used to take their olives to Bafa town where many oil factories for the oil process in their harvest time.

Olive harvest needs a lot of attention. Early olives drops to the ground from the trees when ready.

Farmers should'nt waste the early olives on the ground then take them to olive oil process. The Oil produced out of those early olives have rather bitter taste and sometimes green colour. Because the taste of first olives, Most prefer to produce olive oil soaps in their gardens with first oil of the year.

When olive harvest starts with early olives it is also the season for autumn with the rain. After every rainy and stormy day, farmers shoul go and check if there are any olives on the ground. in the mid-autumn most olives go black and ripe.

end of olive oil process, we have goldThere are any different types of olives in Aegean region.

Even thought farmers started to plant cultivated table olives such as Gemlik; Susam (sesame) type olives are stil favorite which are strong and durable for the hot climate conditions. Susam zeytin derived from ancient roots. They like rocky, dry land. No need to water them a lot. Most suitable for olive oil process.

Olives - Turkish Breakfast

Olives for table are ungiveable for Turkish breakfast. There are many different medhods are being used to make them more tasty and eatable. During the harvest season olives are picked up by hands and collected inside the nylon sacks. According to choice farmer can select green or black olives to be treated for table olives or sell. These process takes 10 - 20 or sometimes 40 days.


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